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Our company is now a proud dealer for The Onyx Collection!

Onyx is a company that manufactures shower pans, shower systems, and vanity tops. Onyx allows you to customize from color to size for any of your needs!

Onyx is our now go to product for your shower needs!

Stop by our store or reach out to us so we can help you build your new shower today!

Onyx Shower.jpg


Onyx allows for complete customization of your shower. From picking your colors of the base to the walls. You can choose the style of wall design and even different accessories in you shower. 

You can use this tool to help design your new shower. Once you have everything like you want, our quick quoting tool will be able to get you started on your project!

Vanity Tops

Onyx allows you to create your own vanity tops as well. If you are trying to match the shower you just got, you can keep with the same colors or change it up! Vanity tops offer many different color, bowl, and edge profiles as well! 

Please visit Onyx's website for all your design and inspirations!

The Onyx Collection

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